Shandong Bojun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous brand enterprise specializing in R&D and production of new energy control systems. The company's products include electric forklifts, lithium battery forklifts, off-road forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, small excavators, loaders and two busy machines.
       Our company has many professional engineers. Based on the continuous experience of domestic and foreign advanced products, our products are constantly innovating and upgrading, and we have independently developed a new generation of products, which are unique in the country. Easy to operate, sturdy and durable, reducing maintenance rate by 40%, and working efficiency can be increased by more than 35%.
       The company's engineering machinery series, construction machinery series, all select high-quality and reliable matching external parts, production in strict accordance with the standard carefully processed, testing and experiment, reasonable design, advanced performance, product quality and reliability, strong, in the same category Leading position, has been rated as a credit unit by users for many years.
       Companies adhere to the principle of honesty, quality products, reasonable prices for business, and have perfect after-sales service, choose "Bo Jun" products is your choice. "Bo Jun" people are willing to go hand in hand with the construction machine sellers and users all over the country to create brilliant !
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